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Optical Shop

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At the Optical Shop of San Francisco, you can be sure the best quality in frames and lenses are available to you. Our opticians have over 60 years of combined experience. We offer all price points from budget to high end.

Our anti-reflective lens coatings are of the highest quality such as Crizal, Sapphire, and Purecoat. We carry the latest in Progressive lens technology including digital lenses. Adaptation to a progressive has never been easier! Our prescription and non-prescription sunglasses are available with the latest in polarization.

Are you tired of coke bottle lenses? Well, we have the high index lenses to diminish the thickness and weight of your eyeglasses. These will greatly improve not only the appearance of your lenses but also the comfort. Working at a computer all day? Perhaps you are a hobbyist? Our opticians can produce task-specific eyewear for use with your computer or any tedious close-up work. Computer progressives will reduce a great amount of eye fatigue associated with near vision use.

Our opticians have worked very hard to provide a variety of frame styles at all price points to accommodate all budget types. Please feel free to bring in your prescription for a free consultation on the options available to you.