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EyePrint PRO™

EyePrint PRO™ is a customized prosthetic scleral shell. An impression is taken of the patient’s eye and used to create a 3-D printed lens. This is the latest, most customizable technology for patients with extreme corneal irregularity and visual distortion from conditions such as keratoconus.

EyePrint Pro 3D Image


EyePrint PRO™ corrects for visual distortions called higher order aberrations. This improves the overall quality of vision compared to standard scleral lenses.

The following series of images depicts how a point of light is viewed by a patient with keratoconus.

Eyeprint Pro: keratoconus Point of Light

Eyeprint Pro: keratoconus Point of Light Second Example

Eyeprint Pro: keratoconus Point of Light Third Example

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